Obviously, I haven’t found stability in the donut shop. Deep down, I probably should’ve already expected that. However, since I haven’t posted in like six months, I have a lot to tell you. Continue reading “Unfortunately”



Let me start by saying that I am so sorry for not posting anything recently. I just received a job working at a local donut shop full-time working 2nd shift so I’ve been away from the computer for a while.

The donut shop actually offers many interesting stories. Anywhere from regulars discussing politics to veterans remembering war buddies who have since passed. While the work is harder than I expected, I’m just happy to have a job where I can work hard and make some decent money.

The actual reason behind this post is to update you on some of my most recent projects that I’ve been working on. My book is still in the works and I hope to have something solid by the end of July. I also plan to have my Etsy page all set up and open for business near the end of July as well. In this Etsy store, you will be able to purchase some of my handmade bracelets. Bracelets are my specialty, but I also plan to start working on necklaces and other jewelry! I am very excited about this endeavor and I will definitely be posting the link to the store as soon as possible. I would really appreciate any feedback that anyone has on the store and the bracelets themselves.

Again, I am so sorry for being so sparatic with my posts. Hopefully I can find some stability in this new job.

Have a great Tuesday!