Love and Taxes

So, it’s tax time. Most people are getting an awesome return and buying all of the things they’ve been saving for. Well, this will be perhaps the worst tax season for me ever. I know, I know, this is only my third tax season. I’m sure something way worse will happen in the future that will top this, but right now I just need to freak out.

My boyfriend is an independent contractor. In 2015, he was a contractor for only half of the year. When tax time came, he only paid $1,500 in taxes for the whole year and he saved up about $4,000. So, believing that it should just be double this year, he saved $5,500 just to be safe and to have a little money left over.

Here’s the only difference between this year and last year. Last year, he drove about 35 miles to work every day. This year, he drove about 10 miles every day. Now, it seems like it wouldn’t be that much of difference. I’m sure if you’re someone who’s used to paying at the end of the year, you’re laughing at me right now because I’m going to laugh at anyone in the future who thinks mileage isn’t a big deal.

Last year, driving 35 miles every day to his job for 6 months wrote $11,000 off his taxes…

Driving only 10 miles for 12 months only wrote $3,000 off…

Am I the only one who thinks that’s crazy?? Maybe I’m just naive.

Long story short, he owes about $6,900. I know some people don’t think $1,400 is a ton of money, but I definitely don’t have that just laying around. As much as I’d love to just curl up into a ball and die over this, I’m doing my best to act like it’s not a big deal and that we will get the money no problem. I mean, I am scared. But, I also know that if we’re going to be together forever like I hope, we’re going to have to struggle from time to time and I can’t just stand aside and let him carry all of this alone.

I know I’m sounding dramatic, but it’s true. You can’t let your partner go through struggles by themselves and expect them to be there for you when you need it. How are you ever going to face real things in life? I feel like social media has offered this weird instant gratification for relationships… Don’t like how your boyfriend’s behaving? Here, pick another one from our easy-to-use app.

Tinder, Zoosk, all of those. They offer this weird instant relationship with someone you’ve never met and most people trade that in for something real just because of one bad day. Let me tell you something, if you really love each other, you’re going to have bad days. Terrible days. But, at the end of that day, you still have each other. My boyfriend tells me almost every day that seeing me at night for a late dinner makes the whole day worth it. And I feel the exact same way. I feel like we’ve forgotten the real truth behind love. It’s painful and tear-jerking and you’re going to feel like the world is constantly raining on the both of you.

The difference is, if you’re with the right person, you’ll learn to love thunderstorms just as much as the clear days. Without the bad times, you would never appreciate the Sunday mornings waking up together and getting Chipotle as soon as they open because that’s the only time their food is actually good. Or the days when he just can’t stop admiring you because for some reason he finds you prettier with no makeup and frizzy hair. Or just watching Dragon Ball Z like a couple of kids reliving the care-free days.

Without the stress, the stupidity, and just plain aggravation of every day life, you would never know just how lucky you are.

Happy Fat Tuesday Everyone!


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