So, this weekend I got my very first (completely permanent) tattoo. I have to say, I’m super happy with it. I also can’t believe how much it didn’t hurt. Everyone was freaking out telling me I was going to cry and that it’s seriously painful. Maybe I just have a higher pain tolerance than I thought. The tattoo is located on the side of my calf, which I’ve been told is a ridiculously painful place to get a tattoo. I, however, had zero problems. 

With that said, my tattoo is very basic. It’s just a geometrical arrow with a peace sign and the water symbol in the arrow. I feel like if I had gotten something a little more complex it would’ve hurt way more. But, my artist (Josh) was awesome and made sure I was the most comfortable newbie ever. I know this tattoo was difficult because of all of the straight lines. He went way beyond my expectations with this design. I plan on adding on geometrical animals that represent my mother and my sister. Hopefully I don’t move as much next time.

If you’re in the New Carlisle/Dayton, Ohio area you should definitely check out Sinners and Saints Tattoo Co. and ask for Josh. ESPECIALLY if you’re a tattoo newbie. I couldn’t have asked for an easier experience. Despite my nerves and constant moving, my tattoo is amazing. Even my boyfriend, who is not a big tattoo fan, loves it.

Short post for the day. I was going to go into all of the drama that happened over the weekend, but I’ll spare you the ridiculousness. Enjoy this pasty picture of my leg.

Have a happy Monday!img_2646


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