As someone who is still in between jobs, I have been watching lots of documentaries. I have seen almost every documentary on Netflix. I’ve even sat halfway through a documentary in French before realizing I could change the audio to English.

One of the documentaries that really stood out to me was one called “Sugar Coated”. 

This documentary basically covers all of the bases when it comes to educating those about sugar. Sugar in it of itself seems 100% harmless in small doses. Adding a little bit of sugar to my coffee has never bothered me. This film, however, changed my mind completely. The evils of sugar are quite astronomical. As a lover of soda, I do my best to limit myself to just one can of Coke a day and that’s ONLY if I exercise. This documentary mentioned that consuming just one soda a day increases your risk for diabetes by 29%.

Soda is harmless, right? If it’s taken in small doses, who cares? I definitely care now. Diabetes runs in my family and I do not feel like dealing with that. To be honest, with all of the poor health decisions I made as a high schooler, I’m surprised I don’t have diabetes yet. I ate Oreos nonstop and I drank so much milk that was loaded with sugar. At that age I really didn’t know what I was doing wrong because I still exercised as much as I could.

This documentary helped me realize why that exercise wasn’t helping anything. They were interviewing a young professional athlete who worked out for 7+ hours a day. The only processed food he was consuming were simple granola bars and the occasional energy drink. This young man, who looked to be exceptionally fit, was pre-diabetic. If all he was doing was eating granola bars, why on earth would he be pre-diabetic?

Because most food industries lie. It took me a long time to realize that. You have to search the nutrition facts to get all of your information. “Fat Free” foods are typically loaded down with sugar. I’ve always known these facts, but this film brought them into a new, very scary light. When you see someone who has dedicated their life to fitness and they’re still at risk for diabetes, it makes you terrified for your health. It forced me to get out on a nice day and walk my dogs instead of just playing with them in the backyard. It made me throw away my pop tarts and I began googling healthy, sugar-free recipes.

The food industry is going to take a long time to change its ways. (If it ever does) I have decided to take control of my diet and turn this ship around before I really do give myself diabetes. Exercise isn’t enough if you eat a candy bar afterwards. Once you decide to eat cleanly and cut out most, if not all, of that nasty sugar, you feel 100% better. I used to eat clean all of the time, but I backslid and convinced myself that I needed to save money by eating junk. Only recently have I decided that the good food is worth the money. With all of the money that I spend on fast food, I could buy our healthy groceries for a week.

I know that’s easy for me to say, since it’s only my boyfriend and I living here. I urge you to give it a try, though. I promise your family will feel better and hopefully the food industry will change its ways soon.

Have a great weekend and good vibes!



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