Last Day

Have you ever wanted something to end so badly that the universe somehow hears your thoughts and decides to make it the longest day ever?

That is me right now. 

My last day at my current job is today. Typically, the 2-9 shift goes by somewhat slow. Has it ever been this slow? Absolutely not. We’ve been busy, but yet the clock doesn’t move. Also, I recently told myself that I am not allowed to eat mall food for the rest of my time here. That stupid food court is calling my name.

Let me explain why I want to leave so bad. My boyfriend is off work early, which of course never happens when I’m off work. Also, I have just decided that my book will be finished this weekend. This is quite the endeavor, so I want to get the earliest start that I possibly can.

The book is about a young girl who grows up in a very wealthy family, but never fits in with their lifestyle. She doesn’t want to make money and spend thousands on lavish things. She wants to paint masterpieces even if that means she’ll never make a dime on her work.

This character somewhat embodies me. I try my best not to include my own personality in a book, but her motives for life are similar to mine. I want to write my stories and the money just isn’t that important.

The personality of this character is opposite of me though. Almost introvert. Of course there’s a love triangle involved. I’m hoping this book doesn’t come off as too cliché. I hope to post the cover and prologue soon so you can get a little taste of the book! I’m probably way too excited. This will be my first published book though. Don’t I have the right to be ecstatic?

Oh, I killed about an hour writing this blog post. Sweet! Four hours to go though… Wish me luck.


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