I Just See Cars

As someone who’s dating a car fanatic, you would think I would eventually learn a lot about cars right? I would know how to change my oil, repair my engine, even refill my windshield wiper fluid. Right?

Heck no.

We went to a car meet last night. We used to never attend these things because we actually had no idea how often they occurred in our area. My boyfriend owns a Hyundai Genesis. The only reason that I know that this is a nice car is because it resembles the bat mobile. I’m a complete nerd, by the way. (Also, Happy Star Wars Day!)

Back to the car. This car is sexy. Not gonna lie. We started dating AFTER he bought the car. Before the car we were just friends. A nice car could be your catapult from friend zone to relationship. Seriously, write this down. Completely kidding. I’ve had a crush on my boyfriend since I was 16 and it’s still surreal that we’re together.

Again, back to the car. See? Even in this post I’m trying desperately to drive this conversation in another direction. The other guys who own cars are pretty fantastic. They’re some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. There’s the occasional jackass who thinks he’s just amazing and everyone else’s car is garbage. That’s why I’ve always appreciated my boyfriend and a couple of his friends. They’re very kind to each other and admire each other’s cars. They aren’t childish and they don’t ever race illegally. Thank God.

They’re just a bunch of guys hanging out. Last night was a little different though. My boyfriend’s brother was with us and he brought along his girlfriend. I won’t use real names for their sake. Even though I’m sure they never would’ve read this many words at one time. I don’t really have a problem with them. They just act like high school freshman and it drives me absolutely insane. Mainly because even as a freshman I found this sort of behavior very annoying.

We can’t really blame them though. His girlfriend is much younger and has lied about her age multiple times. She might be 12 WHO KNOWS.

Anyway, one minute this girl is totally fine. Talking, laughing, having a good time. Then the next minute she’s begging to go home. This makes everything kind of awkward because we really live for Tuesday so we can see everyone and hang out together. I’ve even considered getting some sort of fancy car myself just to be considered cool. Eventually, they decide to walk over to Walmart for God knows what.

Then, the funny thing happened.

A long-time friend of my boyfriend’s was also with us. He’s the special kind of crazy. Some geese were making their way across the parking lot. My boyfriend decided to bet his friend $100 to catch one of the geese.

You, as a sane human being, would probably never do this. But, Dion is a special kind of crazy. He immediately does his best to sneak up behind one of these geese. I’m pretty sure even the geese thought he looked stupid. He covered his hands with his sleeves and followed them slowly around the grounds near the parking lot.

We died.

It was hilarious to watch him get close to these geese and then immediately jump back a couple feet when one of them honked in his face. Don’t worry, no geese were harmed in the making of this bet. I think we all forgot for a brief second that geese can fly. Because once they took off it was game over.

See, I took ALL of the attention off of the actual cars. That’s pretty much what I did all night. They would talk in that strange car language (Exhaust, Fuel Pump, TIRES) and I would just wait to ask about normal everyday things like weather, dogs, and jobs. I’m sure they all hate me by now.

Anyway, if you have a cool car and you’re in the Dayton area, you should seriously come out to one of these car meets. You can email me for any details.


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