Quick update on Ruby:

She’s all good. Didn’t even have to have full anesthesia to fix it up.

In a weird way, after all of the emotions I went through before we got to the 24-hour vet, my boyfriend and I actually had fun waiting on the puppy.

Once we knew she was going to be okay we were hopped up on caffeine and we had the waiting room all to ourselves. We talked about ridiculous things and even spoke with the receptionist about her crazy stories as a 3rd shift vet assistant.

It’s weird to say that we enjoyed that time together. As my boyfriend put it, “You wanted to have an adventure. This sort of counts.”

I really didn’t mean to fill this blog up with posts about my dog. However, she’s just been going through a lot right now and the only other thing that’s happening today is my job interview.

Actually, I’m kind of excited about that. For the first time in my life, I feel 100% confident about this. My acne actually cleared up despite all of the stress I’ve been under and my hair curled up nicely instead of being frizzy.

It’s just another retail job. But, I am in love with this little store in the mall and the employee discount is 40% off. So I might just hand my paycheck back to them every two weeks…

I honestly just want a little job that fits in well with my writing schedule. Even though it kind of goes against everything I say about writing, I am putting myself on a schedule.

I’m extremely ADHD. If I don’t force myself to focus, I’ll just write 40 unfinished books.

If you’re curious, my book that I plan to publish first is called Silver Spoons. I’m sure my next post will explain what the book is about and possibly a snipit from the book itself. I would love any feedback.

Good vibes and safe journeys


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