Red Bull

Right now I’m sitting in the waiting room of an emergency vet clinic with 7% battery left on my phone.

My worst fears have happened. My little puppy’s stitches popped open and we had to bring her to the vet. At first we were convinced she would be okay, but the wound grew unfortunately. 

My boyfriend left me alone to run to a gas station to get us a couple Red Bulls. We’re sure it’s gonna be a long night.

Even though my heart is breaking for this little puppy, I have to gush on my boyfriend a little bit to make myself feel better. Part of me was very upset because I had JUST spent $300 at the vet and now who knows how much I will spend here. She’s my baby, though. I would never let her suffer.

But, as I’m doing my best to think of ways to come up with the money to take her (my last post will explain how much money angers me) my boyfriend looked at my crying face and said “We have a whole thing of change over there.”

Let me explain this change “thing”

The GIANT coffee tin that we keep our change in can have over $600 in it when it’s full. We swore we would leave it alone so we could save up for a vacation to Tennessee. I have a harder time with this than Shane, because he’s been to Tennessee several times and knows how amazing it is. The fact that he was so willing to give it all to me and this giant problem, was more than my little tired heart could take.

The quietness of this waiting room is getting to me now. So I guess I’ll stop writing while my post still makes sense. I just hope that everyone finds their Shane in this life.

I will post updates very soon. Unless my phone dies. 


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