Cash Money

Okay, before I start this, I want it to be known that I understand that every teenager/young adult goes through the broke stage. However, I am officially ranting. 

I’m basically just stating the obvious. We all know the sad truth about organic and healthy food. While it is the best option for you as a human being, it is much pricier than processed food. The fact that this is accepted as normal, is heartbreaking to me. When did it become normal to force people with less money to eat garbage?

The food situation angers me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to just sit at home all day and just have money offered to me. I was raised in a family that taught us that you should work. Even if you’re not the sole bread winner, you should work. I don’t despise work. Work keeps you busy and obviously money is the main reason to have a job.

Unfortunately, as someone whose only purpose in life is to write stories, I feel as though I’ll never get very far in any normal job. Mundane jobs always get the better of me. Working in retail is a tiny bit more exciting because I’m constantly around fun-loving people. I used to work at a bank and I could not handle how normal and repetitive that job was.

Part of me just wants to stay home and write stories. The only problem is, I haven’t published a book yet. There’s a little bit of fear inside that holds me back from finishing a book. I’m afraid that I’ll pour my heart and soul out into a novel just to have it tank in ratings on Amazon.

I have no one but myself to blame for this fear. I myself am very critical of writing. There are books that I love and books that I despise. Maybe I’m afraid that people will be as harsh as I am.

Whoa there’s a dose of reality.

Even if my book did well, I would almost feel guilty for making money off of my writing. Sadly, this is not a perfect world and cold, hard cash makes it turn.

Hopefully, I get my first book published before June! Just in time for summer reading. There will definitely be multiple posts about the experience.

I wish nothing but the best to you on your life journey.


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