Puppy Update

It always amazes me how our dogs love us. Ruby is doing much better this morning, she’s eating and drinking like normal. However, last night she was definitely not herself. Sitting was painful for her and when I arrived home she couldn’t jump up and greet me like she normally does. So, I sat in the floor with her while scrolling through the internet on my phone.

Then it happened. I started to watch a video that I didn’t know was going to be terribly sad. In a nutshell, the video explained how a son finally went to go visit his widowed mother, then she died three days later.

While this exact situation hasn’t happened to me personally, I felt a hollow place in my heart. My grandfather died in 2013. He was an amazing man and so many people were impacted by his passing. My grandmother is still with us. There’s something that changes inside of you when someone you love dies. She’s still an amazing woman and she’s still happy. But, it’s a different kind of happy. It’s a sad happy. I know that she’ll never be the same without him. They were married for 50+ years.When you have someone in your life that long, how can you possibly be the same without them?

I said all of that to say, that I began to cry. Not just cry, actually. I bawled my eyes out. I sat on the floor crying and my boyfriend was utterly confused. I just explained that it was a sad video. I didn’t feel like explaining everything right then. However, in that moment, still loony from the anesthesia, my little puppy came over and sat on my lap. She laid down and cuddled me as my tears ran down my cheeks and onto her soft fur. Without question, that little dog knew that I needed comfort. It’s funny how dogs just sense your feelings and know exactly what to do.

I’ve only had this little dog for about three months, but I can’t imagine life without her. Eventually, I explained everything to my boyfriend and he was very understanding. Losing people is terrible. There’s nothing that can be said to console a broken soul. All we can do is live our lives and know that not every day is guaranteed.


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