Puppy Problems


This post is not really about a puppy making a mess. I just couldn’t resist this charming puppy picture. Today I took my adorable Australian Shepherd to the vet so that they could spay her. Now, I know that this a normal, everyday procedure. However, I am emotionally drained. I have no idea why humans have such a strong connection to dogs. Probably because they love us unconditionally from the very beginning. All I know is that I will be worried about that little ball of fur until I pick her up later this evening. What is it about surgery that is so scary? Maybe because very normal procedures go wrong almost every single day. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand that my puppy does not even come close to the relationship a mother has with a child. With that being said, I can’t imagine losing a 5 month old puppy let alone a 5 month old baby. I feel so much sorrow when a baby in my distant family is lost. Even if I never met said infant, the pain of losing a child stretches to the heart of every woman. I myself have never had a child, but I always loved my younger cousins and I was always extremely upset if they were ever injured or had to be rushed into surgery. Definitely stressing out about my little fur baby though. I will post an update soon! I’m sure she’ll look hilarious with her cone. Good vibes and have a beautiful day.


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