I feel like we really need to learn how to motivate each other. Why is it so easy to deter someone, yet we feel awkward and silly cheering someone on? I know it isn’t like this for all people, but I have a hard time saying nice things. Granted, I feel as though I act a lot like a guy. I don’t apologize for speaking my mind and I definitely would rather be in the garage with my boyfriend than watching Desperate Housewives.

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Love and Taxes

So, it’s tax time. Most people are getting an awesome return and buying all of the things they’ve been saving for. Well, this will be perhaps the worst tax season for me ever. I know, I know, this is only my third tax season. I’m sure something way worse will happen in the future that will top this, but right now I just need to freak out. Continue reading “Love and Taxes”


As many of you have probably figured out, I have lots of stupid little problems that influence the way I have to adult. Yes, I used “adult” as a verb. One of these problems is that I hate going to the doctor by myself. I’m almost 20 years old and I still call up my mom every time I have to go. If she can’t go, I spend the whole time feeling judged by their questions. Call it a Generation Z problem. Thank God she went with me today to keep me calm while I slowly ran late for work waiting on the doctor.  Continue reading “Problems”


So, this weekend I got my very first (completely permanent) tattoo. I have to say, I’m super happy with it. I also can’t believe how much it didn’t hurt. Everyone was freaking out telling me I was going to cry and that it’s seriously painful. Maybe I just have a higher pain tolerance than I thought. The tattoo is located on the side of my calf, which I’ve been told is a ridiculously painful place to get a tattoo. I, however, had zero problems.  Continue reading “Arrows”


One of my dreams is that one day I will wake up and long to go to the gym and feel guilty when I don’t go. Right now, it’s just too easy to pass on by and go straight to McDonald’s. Well, maybe not McDonald’s. Tropical Smoothie maybe? Just to paint me in a somewhat better light, let’s say Tropical Smoothie is my go-to. Anyway, moral of the story is I hate working out. Continue reading “Self-Image”

Kindle’s New Beta

Okay, let me start by saying that I haven’t officially published an eBook on Kindle. This is in part because I’m being meticulous since I’m editing the book myself. However, another problem that I have with solely publishing an eBook is the fact that I have many family members who prefer a paperback copy. Personally, I prefer them as well. Nothing beats having an actual book. The real paper and ink. It’s just so much better than a screen. Now, let me explain the email I received this morning…
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As most of you know, women are not always treated equal. I’ll admit that sometimes I overlook this issue as women just complaining. However, as I grow older and work in many different environments, I am learning just how terribly true this inequality is. I work as a receptionist in a car dealership. I really love the job and most of the people are very easy-going. Continue reading “Fe<Male”